Design Stories

Origins Woods

Often used to provide structure, wood’s plant-based nature responds when it is exposed to the elements—wind, rain, snow, sun—and the structure becomes a canvas of diverse patinas and textures. New Mexico’s landscape is filled with such structures: weathered barns, fences, homes, and other buildings, so reclaiming wood and reusing it for paneling, furniture framing, or constructing an objet d’art is second nature. During a recent product development visit to the Museum of New Mexico, Wolf-Gordon’s designers discovered a range of wood compositions employed in a variety of designs and constructions. This provided the impetus for offering four of these wood patterns as digital wallcoverings.

“Origins Woods” imagery brings a warm, rustic touch to casual and contemporary interiors, whether behind a headboard or reception desk, in a customer waiting area or lounge, or in a retail environment. The four patterns preserve the richness and aged character of reclaimed wood, which will furnish an environment with an authentic, lived-in look.

Catalpa, Pawpaw, Tamarack, and Tupelo are each offered in three standard color options, or WG Customs Lab can create a custom color version to your specifications. Based on your project requirements, we can also evaluate the specifications of the intended space and scale the images to ensure a successful installation.

The wood images will be digitally printed on Terralon™, an earth-friendly wallcovering medium made with 31% post-consumer recycled material. Functioning as uniformly as vinyl, this breathable polyester/natural fiber material is free of PVC, chlorine, heavy metals, and phthalates, and has very low VOCs, passing Cal 01350 for Indoor Air Quality.

Infinite Neutral

Ever intent on bringing high concept products to commercial interiors, Wolf-Gordon presents Infinite Neutral, an exquisite woven upholstery textile whose tonal richness and luxurious character are activated by solid color accents. In turn, Infinite Neutral causes adjacent colored surfaces to “pop” against its classic crepe weave. Even solidly colored clothing will be perceived in more chromatic relief against this innovative construction.

The magic of this textile, developed over two years with our mill, is in the 30 different yarn colors utilized in each of the four colorways. This variety of shades results in fabrics that are both brighter and richer than any conventional neutral mixture. WG Design Studio’s Morgan Bajardi was inspired by her education in oil painting and color theory when developing Infinite Neutral.

“During art school, I wove rainbow threads together and was surprised to discover they formed a beautiful gray neutral. I’ve wanted to replicate that concept in a commercial textile ever since. The Infinite Neutral colors are perfectly versatile fabrics that will work for all markets.”  —Morgan Bajardi

Bajardi used an innovative mix of 100% polyester yarns to weave four complex gray and beige colorways. The delicate balance of warm and cool tones composed in subtle striations catch the eye when seen up close, while producing a multi-dimensional, luminous, and complementary pattern perceptible at any distance. In addition to its ability to harmonize with any environment, Infinite Neutral has a beautiful hand, high performance features consistent with ACT standards, and a stain resistant GreenShield finish—all offered at a competitive price point.


Frank Tjepkema’s provocative work is found at scales as different as jewelry and landscape, and is installed in venues from galleries to airports. Since founding his studio, Tjep., in 2001, the Amsterdam-based designer’s projects, such as Bronze Age Furniture, Recession Chair, Bling Bling and Ooqst, have been presented in leading galleries and museums internationally.

Wolf-Gordon Design Studio collaborated with Tjepkema on “Tjep.Cubism”—a collection of four wallcoverings, an upholstery textile, and a sheer drapery textile. A playful reference to the early 20th century cultural phenomenon, Czech Cubism, this collection features striking geometric patterns that use an isometric representation of a cube as the point of departure.

Tjepkema began with Basis, a two-dimensional matrix cube design for a solution-dyed nylon/rayon/cotton blend upholstery textile that utilizes weave structures to impart depth and three-dimensionality. From there, he designed the following patterns: Osmosis, a Type II wallcovering with a large scale wave-like patterning achieved by varying line weights of the cube design; Metamorphosis, an olefin/polyester textile wallcovering that uses a “weathering” of the Basis pattern in columns that fade in and out of the weave structure; and Connections, which deconstructs and recomposes the original pattern at a small scale, creating a visual texture on Type II vinyl.

Taking the Basis design even further afield are: Fragmentation, a gossamer-like, Trevira CS sheer drapery textile that floats planes of the cubes in alternately dense agglomerations and empty space; and, Baroque, a digital print wallcovering on Mylar, which sees Tjepkema executing a heroic merging/decomposition of a damask motif into the cube elements. Because it is digitally printed, the scale and color of Baroque can be customized by WG Customs Lab.

In April 2015, Tjep.Cubism made its international debut at the Milan Salone in the Spazio Rossana Orlandi. The collection was introduced in the US at NeoCon®, Chicago, June 2015.

Recollections by Boym Partners

A collaboration with Boym Partners gives us reason to celebrate the critical, experimental “wit of the everyday” that Constantin and Laurene Boym bring to each product they design. The award-winning duo draws directly from their experience, whether at home in New York City, or in travels far and wide, applying their unique and highly intelligent design filter to all types of objects…and now to wallcoverings.

The patterns we designed for Wolf-Gordon are inspired by memories of cities. Every-where we go, we notice and document textures, colors, and decorations. Traditional or modern, belonging to the street or to the interior of a palace, these patterns remain in our memories like souvenirs.

—Constantin and Laurene Boym

  • Jaipur is inspired by the intricate block printing of Indian textiles, with "hidden" deities and exotic creatures interwoven in the pattern of shimmering dots.
  • Broadway evokes an image of a theater curtain, promising excitement for an audience ripe with curiosity and anticipation.
  • Glasgow finds inspiration in a well- worn traditional plaid unexpectedly juxtaposed to a brushed aluminum-like background texture.
  • Venice is dedicated to the mosaics of Venetian architecture and the tile walls of Carlo Scarpa. It is the collection’s only digital print wallcovering, permitting a completely customized color statement.

Boym Partners' objects are included in the permanent collections of many design museums, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York. In 2009, they were honored with the National Design Award in Product Design.

In addition to its own line of Boym Editions, sought after by many collectors around the globe, Boym Partners has worked for Alessi, Swatch, Swarovski, and Vitra. The studio's work is the subject of 220-page book, “Curious Boym: Design Works”, which was published by Princeton Architectural Press in 2002.

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