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MATTER collection

Mass, MASS 5778, Charcoal

Wolf-Gordon Design Studio has collaborated with Dutch textile designer Mae Engelgeer to develop an expressive new collection of upholstery fabrics. Drawing from her cross-market expertise, Engelgeer focused on developing a group of sophisticated yet playful fabrics, with tactility and a residential influence. The result is three textile patterns that mix natural wool and cotton with polyester and metallic yarns, bringing a warm, luxuriant feel to seating intended for workplace and hospitality interiors.

Engelgeer’s design process begins with conceiving of a specific feeling and “atmosphere,” inspired by her travels, museum visits, and current fashion. She then sketches different shapes and uses photos, color swatches, and material samples to help visualize her concepts and give them texture and dimension. Her sketches are transformed into digital files and then into physical prototypes on jacquard weaving machines at the Textiel-Lab, a fabrication workshop located in The Netherlands. There she can see samples woven in real time and experiment with a diverse selection of yarns and fibers, including wool, mohair, silk, cotton, and metallic filaments.

Samples were then sent to Wolf-Gordon to make pattern selections and translate Engelgeer’s eclectic materials into textiles that would pass the commercial industry’s durability and safety standards. Working with a US-based mill and aiming to keep a high percentage of natural fibers, three of the patterns were converted into blends of wool, cotton, and polyester, woven with nylon warps. The resulting fabrics—Mass, Merge, and Points—meet all ACT performance standards and achieved 100,000 double rubs on the Wyzenbeek abrasion test.

Mass makes the boldest statement with its floating stone pattern—a dramatically magnified interpretation of a terrazzo floor. A more linear approach is seen in Merge, where metallic yarns travel in S-curves across the width of the fabric. Points is the most domestically-influenced design, with its dot pattern partially obscured by an intricate veil of fine threads. Together, the patterns make up the MATTER collection, a departure from the more reserved interplay of lines and forms seen in Engelgeer’s first collaboration with Wolf-Gordon. This collection provides designers with a variety of scales, while the lush color palette unites the designs with a harmonious, contemporary look.

As stated about the MATTER collection in Metropolis magazine, “Engelgeer defies contract-market convention, not just with her novel designs but with contrasting materials and textures that betray a fascination—seldom seen in commercial fabrics—with tactility, dimensionality, and luxury.” Her conceptual strength and ongoing experimentation in textile design enrich our upholstery selection and the overall vitality of Wolf-Gordon as a design force in the commercial marketplace.


Brenda Houston

An American designer of furniture and furnishings, Brenda Houston has long been inspired by the beauty of “nature’s artwork.” Her personal collection of minerals and gemstones, some more than one hundred million-years old, have been sourced from around the globe.

Houston introduced her collection when she realized the dearth of realistic interpretations of stones and minerals. She soon found out how incredibly difficult it is to capture the clarity and detail of these organic materials and have the ability to scale them up to reveal their beauty in a clear and concise manner. “We discovered that the stones would take on new designs depending upon whether they were sliced horizontally or vertically. Some pieces are no larger than your thumbnail, but the quality shines through in the digital images.”

Each of the four images of “Geological Finds” make an artistic statement that showcases nature’s splendor, whether on a guestroom wall, behind a reception desk, or in a lounge or intimate dining environment.

Chrysocolla is a polished slice of a mineral that features swirls and eyes of malachite and azurite. Green Bog Jasper, a wood found in peat bogs, reveals layers of petrified materials. Onyx Mexicano, aka travertine, reveals fine graining formed in caves, quarries, and waterfalls. One of earth’s oldest fossils, Stromatolite has patterning that is a result of sedentary buildup, which has occurred over millions of years.

These dynamic wallcoverings are printed digitally and each image is available in three different colorways. Or, you can work with WG Customs Lab to experiment with color and scale based on your project requirements. We can also evaluate your specs for the intended space to ensure a successful installation.

Origins Woods

Often used to provide structure, wood’s plant-based nature responds when it is exposed to the elements—wind, rain, snow, sun—and the structure becomes a canvas of diverse patinas and textures. New Mexico’s landscape is filled with such structures: weathered barns, fences, homes, and other buildings, so reclaiming wood and reusing it for paneling, furniture framing, or constructing an objet d’art is second nature. During a recent product development visit to the Museum of New Mexico, Wolf-Gordon’s designers discovered a range of wood compositions employed in a variety of designs and constructions. This provided the impetus for offering four of these wood patterns as digital wallcoverings.

“Origins Woods” imagery brings a warm, rustic touch to casual and contemporary interiors, whether behind a headboard or reception desk, in a customer waiting area or lounge, or in a retail environment. The four patterns preserve the richness and aged character of reclaimed wood, which will furnish an environment with an authentic, lived-in look.

Catalpa, Pawpaw, Tamarack, and Tupelo are each offered in three standard color options, or WG Customs Lab can create a custom color version to your specifications. Based on your project requirements, we can also evaluate the specifications of the intended space and scale the images to ensure a successful installation.

The wood images will be digitally printed on Terralon™, an earth-friendly wallcovering medium made with 31% post-consumer recycled material. Functioning as uniformly as vinyl, this breathable polyester/natural fiber material is free of PVC, chlorine, heavy metals, and phthalates, and has very low VOCs, passing Cal 01350 for Indoor Air Quality.

Infinite Neutral

Ever intent on bringing high concept products to commercial interiors, Wolf-Gordon presents Infinite Neutral, an exquisite woven upholstery textile whose tonal richness and luxurious character are activated by solid color accents. In turn, Infinite Neutral causes adjacent colored surfaces to “pop” against its classic crepe weave. Even solidly colored clothing will be perceived in more chromatic relief against this innovative construction.

The magic of this textile, developed over two years with our mill, is in the 30 different yarn colors utilized in each of the four colorways. This variety of shades results in fabrics that are both brighter and richer than any conventional neutral mixture. WG Design Studio’s Morgan Bajardi was inspired by her education in oil painting and color theory when developing Infinite Neutral.

“During art school, I wove rainbow threads together and was surprised to discover they formed a beautiful gray neutral. I’ve wanted to replicate that concept in a commercial textile ever since. The Infinite Neutral colors are perfectly versatile fabrics that will work for all markets.”  —Morgan Bajardi

Bajardi used an innovative mix of 100% polyester yarns to weave four complex gray and beige colorways. The delicate balance of warm and cool tones composed in subtle striations catch the eye when seen up close, while producing a multi-dimensional, luminous, and complementary pattern perceptible at any distance. In addition to its ability to harmonize with any environment, Infinite Neutral has a beautiful hand, high performance features consistent with ACT standards, and a stain resistant GreenShield finish—all offered at a competitive price point.

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