WG Customs Lab


Whether you come to us with a rough idea or a fully developed graphic file for your custom or digital project, WG Customs Lab is expert at bringing your artistic vision to fruition. From the moment you first reach out to us, we will work to fully understand the look and feel of what you’re seeking to create.


Because so many production processes are available to us, your options are multiplied: creating a design from coating; translating the look and texture of a material into wallcovering or nonwoven upholstery; customizing an existing pattern from our product line or archive; or, selecting and custom coloring artwork from our Curated Collection for a dramatic feature wall.


Once you share your inspiration, color palette, and project parameters with us, we will explore options with you. We will then fully develop your selected design, and help you determine all aesthetic and production details.


Our Curated Collection


WG Customs Lab has collaborated with a group of artists to curate a portfolio of selected work from the fields of graphic design, fine art, and photography. Over two dozen substrates are available to provide the exact texture your project needs, and each design can be colored to your requirements.


Photographic Imagery

When you envision a photographic image for your wallcovering project, WG Customs Lab has access to thousands of stock images through a range of sources. Whether it’s a cityscape or a nature scene, an extreme close-up or a wide-angle shot, let’s work together to make your project come to life. 



Wolf-Gordon Design Archive


Beyond photography, subject matter can be sourced from our extensive Design Archive. Hundreds of design motifs—geometrics, botanicals, faux effects, and many other options—are available, so we can suggest alternatives to be integrated into your site-specific wallcovering. Once you’ve chosen a design, we can print to match whatever color chips you submit. Embossing textures are also in abundance in our Design Archive. WG Customs Lab can assist in suggesting options that can have a significant impact on the look and feel of your design.



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Additional information on our design process for custom and digital products, substrates, installation, specifications, maintenance, sustainability and warranties is available on our desktop website.


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