Clear Dry-Erase Coating

Wink Clear Dry-Erase Finish


Wink transforms any paintable surface into a write-and-erase canvas.


The superior, non-yellowing dry erase coating can be applied to virtually any smooth surface of any color, including drywall, smooth wallcovering, sealed wood, and metal. Wink is packaged in three kit sizes, to cover areas up to 50, 100, or 200 square feet.

  • Wink provides a durable, long-lasting surface that wipes clean, resists common marks, and holds up to daily wear;
  • Wink is virtually odorless - the installation area does not need to be cordoned off due to fumes or foul odor;
  • Wink is convenient - it can be installed while people are working;
  • Wink costs significantly less per square foot than whiteboards;
  • Wink has a lower VOC content than competitive formulas, making it the environmentally safest product in its class.
  • Wink has proven its superior performance in thousands of square feet of installations in high-profile organizations;
  • Beyond the workplace, Wink enhances wall functionality in restaurants, recreational facilities, healthcare environments, schools, and universities, and homes.

Ordering Wink


For your convenience, Wink is packaged in three kit sizes, intended to cover areas of 50, 100, or 200 square feet. To order, call 800 632-WINK (9465).

  • 50 sq ft - includes 1 can Part A, 1 mini container Part B @ $135
  • 100 sq ft - includes 1 can Part A, 1 standard container Part B @ $230
  • 200 sq ft - includes 1 pail Part A, 2 standard containers Part B @ $425



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Additional information on application, specifications, maintenance, sustainability, warranties, and special projects such as "Exquisite Wink" and "Erasing is Leaving a Mark by Charlotte Mann" is available on our desktop website.

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